Do You need to Hire a Book Publicist to Promote your Book?

Tips for book  promotionIf you have recently finished a book the next thing that you need to do is to have it published. However publishing any kind of book may not look that easy; there are publishers that you need to get in touch with and marketing strategies that you need to consider for your work. The best and possibly the stress-free way to do this is to hire a book publicist to promote your book.

Sure you can use DIY or self-publication companies to help you with publishing and promoting your book but hiring an experienced publicist will avoid dealing with very costly mistakes in the future. Of course, when you hire a book publicist to promote your book, you need to pay for his services. However, experts say that experienced help is priceless. If you are a new writer and this is your first work chances are you are still new to taking steps towards marketing your book.

If you are still sceptical to hire a book publicist or if your budget interferes you from doing so, then check out these reasons why you need to hire a publicist for your work:

  • Publicists are experts and have so many experiences in handling new authors just like you. Publishing and marketing your work is just the tip of the iceberg, there is yet so much to be done that you can never accomplish in time for your book launch. You need an expert to help you get the things done as you manage your life, family or career.
  • When you hire a book publicist to promote your book you will be able to find different outlets for your book instead of just one. Experienced publicists are connected with so many publishers, book stores and distributors that can get you the attention that your book needs.
  • Even when you are certain about the market that you target with your book, it is best to hire a publicist that will help you with making your book more appealing, will assist you with dealing with book launches and will also give you pointers on how to deal with bad publicity. Book publicists also know the best ways to reach your audience or your target readers more efficiently which may be through a blog site, an online forum, a social networking site or other marketing strategies.
  • Being new to marketing and publishing your book, you may have very little knowledge about public relations and expert book publicists will also be able to help you with this. PR is needed to make you more visible and definitely reach your readers more; PR activities may be through a press release, a commercial or an article about your book in a leading newspaper or using social networking site which is the most popular ways to attract more people these days.
  • An expert book publicist will not do this on his own; professionals take the ideas of their clients and help them make these ideas into reality. For example, you have just written a story book for pre-schoolers and you would like to have a special theme for your book launch and your site. An expert will be able to help you make your ideas into the real deal and fulfil your dream book launch for your work.
  • Publicists surely have more than publishers and book shop owners as contacts, some may even have the contact details of television show producers, talent managers, talk show hosts and other influential people in the media. Connections go a long, long way when you want the best publicity for your work. A professional publicist may even help you manage your schedule so you can squeeze time in promoting your book through different Medias aside from having a full time career or business.
  • When you hire a book publicist to promote your book you will be able to find expert help in looking for the best publishers, sponsors and other people who will help you with the actual printing, cover design and the overall theme of your book. Your work will come out with professional results with the best people in the business working for you.

And whatever your budget may be, a good publicist will be able to understand the budget problems of most first time authors. He will be glad to help clients that have a strict budget without compensating on the quality of his service.

  • When you hire a book publicist, you will be able to take care of other stuff rather than making follow ups on publishers, book stores and from presses which could take so much of your time. With a professional working for you, you will have more time working on the sequel for your work, more time to improve your writing techniques and even work on illustrations for your next work. It’s just having your own professional personal assistance to jump start you writing career in an instant.

Contrary to popular belief, the price of hiring a publicist is actually very reasonable. Aside from having an expert hand in managing all the publication and promotion of your book, you can also be sure that all these are done with utmost care and efficiency that your work deserves.

It is easy to look for a publicist but it could be very hard to look for the best in the business. If you are new then consider searching for publicist through the web. Just type in the city or the zip code you have plus the words book publicist and you will be redirected with the best selection of experts where you are located.

Why go for a hire a book publicist locally; you need someone who lives or works locally so you can personally discuss about your work and talk about promotional campaigns one-on-one. A local publicist will also provide you with the best rate where you live which can save you money.  Having an office locally, you can easily talk, evaluate and meet whenever you need to unlike hiring a publicist that is found in another location which could be hard to keep in touch with.

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